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High temperature bearing

- Sep 08, 2018 -

High temperature bearing

Since the high-temperature bearing seat should meet the requirements of high-precision stamping bearing seat and high-temperature stamping bearing seat, the following two points should be taken into account when considering the coordination and clearance of the high-temperature bearing seat:
1. Change in size and hardness from normal temperature to high temperature;
2. Changes of force system and shape caused by centrifugal force at high speed.
High temperature bearing pedestal mounted for shaft and hole punching parts of the bearing should be higher than the general requirements of dimensional accuracy, form and position accuracy, especially the alignment of the hole or shaft neck and shoulder vertical degree, it is important to note that when considering these problems, must pay attention to the high speed and high temperature factors in the operation of high temperature bearing seat.
The high temperature bearing seat is required to be in the working state, that is, there is the best clearance under the working temperature, and this clearance is formed under the precise alignment of the inner and outer ring ball groove center. At the same time, as the high temperature bearing seat strives to reduce relative sliding and internal friction, it is better not to adjust the clearance of the high temperature bearing seat by means of the relative dislocation of the inner and outer rings along the axial direction.


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