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Fault reasons of rolling bearing

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Fault reasons of rolling bearing

Rolling bearings rely on the smell of rolling contacts of the main components to support rotating parts.Rolling bearing has the advantages of low friction resistance, low power consumption, easy start, easy sealing, low oil consumption, and the ability to adjust the center automatically to compensate the shaft bending and proper assembly error, so rolling friction of rolling bearing replaces sliding friction of sliding bearing, which is widely used in modern machine equipment.However, in production and application, rolling bearing is also prone to failure, the main reason is improper clearance adjustment.In the actual production process, the most common faults of rolling bearing in machine equipment are: peeling off, wear, overheating, discoloration, corrosion crack and breakage.

The sign is that the bearing temperature rises.Vibration and noise increase.However, no matter what the fault, the original picture has three:

1.More manufacturing quality is not up to standard;

2.Benzene lubrication and poor maintenance;

3.Student: so, uh, the gap is not adjusted properly.

Defective manufacturing quality and poor lubrication and maintenance.Only need to check carefully before maintenance and installation, after maintenance and installation to establish a strict regular oil maintenance system.The bearing failure caused by this can be overcome.So.Improper clearance adjustment is the main cause of bearing failure.

Fault reasons of rolling bearing

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