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Classificatiion of bearing pedestal according the shape

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Classificatiion of bearing pedestal according the shape

1. According to the shape of the bearing pedestal:

1.1 spherical bearing with bearing pedestal, also known as bearing unit (SKF). When there is no bearing, it is called the bearing seat of the outer sphere. 

1.1.1 the outer spherical bearing pedestal is divided into 200 series according to the bearing series. The 500 series. The 300 series. The 600 series. XOO series.

1.2 outside the spherical bearing according to the shape is divided into vertical (P), square (F), diamond (FL), round (C), convex stations (FC), round square convex (FS), dark hole (PA), hanging type (FA).

1.3 integral (i.e., non-separated) vertical bearing pedestal, bearing box cover with screw fastening. These vertical bearing pedestals were originally developed as axle boxes for light rail trucks, but can also be used for traditional vertical bearing pedestals. Non-separated vertical bearing pedestal is more rigid than separated bearing pedestal, some of which can bear heavier load. The outer spherical bearing pedestal also belongs to the integral pedestal.

2.Split axle housing

2.1  split bearing pedestal. According to the different bearings and the requirements of shafts, it is divided into SN2, 5, 3 and 6 series. SNL2, SNL5 and SD have 2, 5, 3, 6, 3100, 3000 and 3200 series.

The bearing pedestal is divided into: split bearing pedestal, sliding bearing pedestal, rolling bearing pedestal, bearing pedestal with flange, bearing pedestal of outer sphere, etc.

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