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Ceramic bearing's advantage

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Ceramic bearing's advantage

1.First, because ceramics are almost impervious to corrosion, ceramic rolling bearings are suitable for operating in harsh conditions with corrosive media.

2.Second, because the density of the ceramic rolling ball is lower than that of steel and its weight is much lighter, the centrifugal effect of the outer ring can be reduced by 40% during rotation, thus its service life is greatly extended.

3.Third, ceramics are less affected by thermal expansion and cooling than steel, so when the bearing clearance is certain, the bearing can be allowed to work in an environment where the temperature difference is more drastic.

4.Fourth, because the elastic modulus of ceramics is higher than that of steel, it is not easy to deform under stress, so it is conducive to improving working speed and achieving higher precision.

bearing ceramic bearing advantage

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