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Bearing Seal Selection basis

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Bearing installation sealing device is nearly more than 4 years, the previous bearings are open, in order to ensure the bearing lubrication and dust-proof, the sealing device is installed on the shaft bearing at both ends. 

With the development of industry, especially the food industry, the popularization of modern office machinery and home appliances, the requirement of compact equipment design, weight reduction and to prevent leakage, leakage, which appears bearing itself with sealing device bearings. Firstly, it is applied more in deep groove bearings with large volume and wide surface, in recent years, all kinds of rolling bearings have different sealing ring bearing appearance, bearing sealing is one of the important direction of the development of bearing technology, the current bearing output of One-fourth has been installed seal ring, the next 10 years each year there will be 2-3 kinds of bearing structure, 200.03 billion sets of bearings developed into sealed structural bearings. Different structure bearings and different working conditions require that the structure of the seal ring is different from that of the material, so its research and development workload is very large. Domestic and foreign development trend of Japan's several major bearing companies (Seiko, Toyo, and so on) represents the bearing sealing technology development direction. They are in the development of sealing bearing device technology history earlier, research depth, the current sealing technology is more mature. has developed from a single seal lip to many sealed lip, from contact seal developed non-contact sealing, etc. from the product type, ball bearings, roller bearings are. Our country follows the international development trend, also has developed the deep groove ball bearing with the seal ring, the pump bearing, the railroad (tapered roller) bearing, the needle bearing and the short element roller bearing, in which the deep groove ball bearing produces the biggest, the application surface is widest. According to the recent National Technical Bureau of sealing bearing quality inspection results, our country sealed bearing structure design problems, sealing effect is not good, the leakage of fat phenomenon is more serious, the user reflects strongly. After analysis, the main reason is the current design structure of the seal ring is unreasonable, the inner ring without sealing groove, coupled with the cause of low manufacturing accuracy. Therefore, the future development trend of bearing SEAL technology in China is: take deep groove ball bearing as representative, carry out sealing technology test, find the best sealing ring structure and the best seal life, carry on sealing material research, look for wear-resisting, anti-aging, high temperature and corrosion resistant material, in order to improve the contact seal life, The technical foundation of the sealing ring for working under the condition of high temperature or under harmful atmosphere is developed.

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