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Ball Bearing Applications

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Ball Bearing 

Ball Bearing Applications:

Motorcycle, Electric Bicycle, Electric Motor (Scooter), Power Tools, Fan, Sports Equipment, Washer, Duster,

Ventilators, textile machinery, treadmills (treadmills), household appliances, pumps, agricultural machinery, precision machinery, etc.


Ball bearing advantages:

1. Some of the rolling bearings can bear both radial and axial load, therefore, can simplify the bearing support structure;

2. Rolling bearings have been standardized, serialized, universal, suitable for mass production and supply, use and maintenance is very convenient;

3.Because of the high efficiency of rolling bearing transmission, less heat, therefore, can reduce the consumption of lubricating oil, lubrication and maintenance is more convenient;

4. Quiet than metal roller bearings

5. Low noise, stable performance, durable

6. Can work below zero temperature, and has a low rolling resistance

7. For countless applications: sliding doors, windows and other furniture

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