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Analysis on the cause of bearing damage of six - roll cold rolling mill

- Oct 09, 2018 -

The reasons of bearing damage in the steel plant are as follows.
1. The working roller diameter tolerance is much smaller than the national standard, resulting in the running sleeve of the inner ring.
2. The tolerance of working roller bearing pedestal 1# and 3# is less than the tolerance of bearing outer diameter, and the bearing cannot be installed inside the bearing pedestal. The # 4 housing is barely usable.
3. The middle roller diameter is barely close to the national standard tolerance, but the inner ring running sleeve will be caused after two times of use.
4. The intermediate roller bearing seat is seriously deformed and cannot be used continuously.
5. The diameter of the inner ring raceway of the supporting roller bearing does not leave the grinding amount, so that the bearing can not reach the accuracy of P5 level in the online work, and the service life of the bearing will be reduced in use.

Make the following rectification measures for the current working condition:

1. Increase the tolerance of the diameter of the working roller and the middle roller to ensure that the tolerance is put on line in the national standard; Or customized non-standard bearing inner ring to eliminate the inner ring running sleeve phenomenon. Roundness and cylindricity is not more than 50 ℅ of tolerance, mating surface roughness control within Ra1.6.
2, repair work roll and intermediate roll bearing seat, bearing inside diameter size tolerance no more than 30 ℅ of tolerance, roundness and cylindricity 50 ℅ shall not exceed the national standard of tolerance, mating surface roughness control within Ra3.2.
3. The inner raceway of the supporting roller bearing should be kept and repaired. The inner raceway after being repaired with the roller can guarantee the degree of coaxiality with the roller surface and maximize the service life of the bearing.

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