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Adapter sleeve Introduction and application

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Adapter sleeve Introduction and application 

The taper design of bearing ring is designed to facilitate the installation and disassembly, improve the efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost of machinery. Common say is to install convenient to use tight set cover, to disassemble convenient to use back off sleeve. It is simply understood that the tightener sleeve is an accessory of the inner cone bearing, which can ensure the stable operation of the supporting bearing, and the use of the back-off sleeve and tightener sleeve can achieve the effect of adjusting internal clearance
(1) bearing sleeve is widely used in places where light load is easy to disassemble and assemble. Many bearings will encounter difficulties in assembly and disassembly, especially when the assembly of bearings inside the box is limited by conditions. The bearing sleeve is used to solve the problems of assembly and disassembly.
(2) because the bearing sleeve can be adjusted to loosen the machining accuracy of many boxes, the machining efficiency of boxes can be greatly improved.
(3) the bearing's axial movement is overcome by friction between shaft and inner ring.
Therefore, the bearing bushing has been widely used, but there are some deficiencies. The accuracy of the bushing directly affects the diameter phase jitter of the shaft.

Adapter sleeve introduce and application

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